OVER The Top Travel TM has been exploring the globe for 25 years and are experts planning the perfect dream destination. Inspired by owner Nadine McLean, because of her passion to  travel and explore different parts of the world, cultures, people and food. Yes, she is a foodie so travelling and spanning the world has always been her dream. Travel planning can take an extensive amount of time finding the right places to go and deciding what kind of travel is best for you. Whether it be a ocean or river cruise, airline travel, hotel accommodation, tours or just a weekend getaway, it can be time consuming and stressful. Preparing for a vacation should be exciting and thrilling.

Did you know it takes the average traveler a minimum 5 hours to plan a trip? Who wants to spend all that time planning when it can be done for you?  We diligently plan and conduct in depth research to ensure you are prepared for an experience of a lifetime.

We are associated with established and reputable suppliers in the travel industry, using powerful tools and technology to provide the best prices and exceptional service for our valuable customers.

We are not here just to book your travel. However, we create your travel dream destinations designed for your needs and for you to experience and live out your dream. If you pitch us an idea of what kind of experience you are looking to explore, we will do the rest.

Go ahead and look around, find what you need and then contact us.

Nadine McLean
Owner- Travel Consultant